Sellers - Become a C2X Ambassador

C2X Ambassadors enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get involved in future C2X developments
  • Enjoy brand and lane awareness through WCA’s social media platforms
  • Get featured as a C2X ambassador on print and digital advertising


Farouk Gamati

Vice President, Interworld Freight

Having a table at the C2X booth was definitely very positive. Many agents approached us to get more information about C2X. Being a C2X Ambassador not only gives us credibility within the network, but also allows us to identify potential synergies with fellow members.

Marcus Schlapper

Managing Director, TCI International

TCI faced a lot of interesting talks with WCA family members about the C2X system. Big interest was shown, and we hope we can grow this project even larger! We’d like to say thanks to the WCA team and all members who talked to us about C2X.

L. Justo Marmol

CEO, Translog Overseas

It was a great experience with LCL partners. I think C2X Ambassadors are more recognized inside the WCA network. This year, we received more visits and requests about our LCL services. Again, thank you very much for your support. More importantly, thanks to Brian who is the best in WCA!